Provided by: dhis-client_5.5-5_amd64 bug


     dhid — Dynamic Host Information System client.


     dhid [-h] [-p port] [-P pidfile] [-f conffile]


     dhid is the DHIS client daemon. After setting up with a DHIS provider, each machine may run
     a dhid daemon (in background) in order to update its dynamic IP address within the server.

     /etc/dhid.conf should be configured according to the provider's assigned parameters.

     Once running, dhid sends echo request packets to the server and expects a reply. Once
     received, dhid tries to authenticate at the server either in secure on insecure mode. From
     then on, and providing authentication was successful, the client waits and replies to
     queries originated at the server. If the server doesn't receive acknowledgments of these
     packets the host is marked offline.  Likewise, if the client doesn't receive queries for a
     period of time the offline stage is restored.

     Therefore, the only thing a DHIS host needs is to run the dhid client.  The server is able
     to determine when the host is online and the server tables are updated automatically.


     -h      Show usage information.

     -p port
             Specify port to listen on. If not specified, the default is port 58800.

     -P pidfile
             Use an alternative PID file instead of /var/run/

     -l conffile
             Use an alternative configuration file instead of /etc/dhid.conf.


             DHIS client configuration.


     dhid has been written by Joao Cabral <>.

     This manual page was written by Guus Sliepen <> for the Debian GNU/Linux