Provided by: ubuntu-release-upgrader-core_22.10.8_all bug


       do-release-upgrade - upgrade operating system to latest release


       do-release-upgrade [options]


       Upgrade  the  operating  system  to the latest release from the command-line.  This is the
       preferred command if the machine has no graphic environment or if the  machine  is  to  be
       upgraded over a remote connection.


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -V, --version
              Show version and exit

       -d, --devel-release
              If using the latest supported release, upgrade to the development release

              Directory that contains the data files

       -p, --proposed
              Try upgrading to the latest release using the upgrader from Ubuntu-proposed

       -m MODE, --mode=MODE
              Run  in  a  special  upgrade  mode.  Currently  "desktop" for regular upgrades of a
              desktop system and "server" for server systems are supported.

       -f FRONTEND, --frontend=FRONTEND
              Run the specified frontend

       -c, --check-dist-upgrade-only
              Check only if a new distribution release is available and report the result via the
              exit code

              Try  the  upgrade  with  third  party  mirrors  and repositories enabled instead of
              commenting them out.

       -q, --quiet

       -e ENV, --env=ENV
              A comma-seprated list of environment variables (e.g.  VAR1=VALUE1,VAR2=VALUE2) that
              should be set during the upgrade.


       update-manager(8), apt-get(8)

                                           October 2009                     DO-RELEASE-UPGRADE(8)