Provided by: eg25-manager_0.4.4-2_amd64 bug


       eg25-manager - a daemon for managing the Quectel EG25 modem found on the Pine64 PinePhone.


       eg25-manager [-v] [-c config_file]


           Show the version number and quit.
           User configuration file, defaults to the device configuration file in


       Configurations are loaded from:
           •   /etc/eg25-manager/<compatible>.toml: User-provided overrides (optional)
           •   /usr/share/eg25-manager/<compatible>.toml: Default configuration (required)

       eg25-manager will search these folders for files named after the value of the compatible
       device-tree property (with the .toml file extension) and use the first matching file in
       each directory. If no matching default configuration is found, eg25-manager will exit with
       an error message.

       Values from the user-provided overrides will take priority over values stored in the
       default configuration. Only changed values must be stored as user overrides, so
       eg25-manager can fall back to the default configuration as often as possible.

       The file names eg25-manager will check can be listed using:
           xargs -0 printf '%s.toml\n' < /proc/device-tree/compatible


       eg25-manager(5) ModemManager(8) ofono(8)

                                            2022-08-05                            eg25-manager(8)