Provided by: fai-server_5.10.3ubuntu1_all bug


       fai-setup - Setup script for Fully Automatic Installation (FAI)




       Fully  Automatic  Installation  (FAI) is used to provide unattended installation of Debian
       GNU/Linux operating systems with a very flexible class-based  system.   fai-setup  creates
       the  initial  NFSROOT  directory  and the configuration space.  It sets up the NFS exports
       configuration file (/etc/exports), and create the  initial  fai  user  that  is  used  for
       copying  over  the  installation logs to a centralized directory on the server.  fai-make-
       nfsroot(8) is called to create the initial NFS root directory.

       fai-setup should be called after each change to /etc/fai/fai.conf.


       All options are also passed to fai-make-nfsroot.

       -C CFDIR
              Use CFDIR as configuration directory. Default is /etc/fai. You  can  also  set  the
              environment variable FAI_ETC_DIR.

       -e     Expert  mode. Do not add entries to /etc/export, do not restart the nfs server, and
              do not add to /var/log/fai/variables.


       This program is part of FAI (Fully Automatic Installation).  See the FAI manual  for  more
       information on how to use fai-setup.  The FAI homepage is
       fai-make-nfsroot(8), exports(5)


              The FAI configuration file.
              The configuration file for fai-make-nfsroot.
              The NFS configuration file for exported filesystems.
              The script will write the values of FAI_CONFIGDIR and FAI_CONFIG_SRC to this file.


       Thomas Lange <>