Provided by: hylafax-server_6.0.7-3.1_amd64 bug


       faxconfig - dynamically change HylaFAX configuration parameters


       /usr/sbin/faxconfig [ -q queue-dir ] [ -m modem ] [ parameter value  ... ]


       faxconfig  sends messages to a HylaFAX server process telling it to install new values for
       one or more configuration parameters.  These new values are maintained only for as long as
       that   server  process  executes;  to  setup  long-lasting  configuration  parameters  the
       appropriate configuration file(s) must be edited (see hylafax-config(5)).

       faxconfig is especially useful for setting certain configuration parameters  that  control
       the operation of HylaFAX server processes.  For example, by manipulating the ModemPriority
       parameter of one or more faxgetty(8) processes it is easy to dynamically  reconfigure  the
       order in which HylaFAX will assign modems to outbound jobs.

       If  no  modem  is  specified  with the -m option, then faxconfig will send messages to the
       central scheduler process, faxq(8).  If  a  faxgetty  process  is  to  be  contacted,  the
       specified  modem  must  be the last component of the character special device filename the
       modem is attached to.

       Consult the hylafax-config(5) for the list of configuration parameters  that  can  be  set
       with faxconfig.


       The following options are available:

       -m devid  Direct  messages  to the faxgetty process servicing devid instead of the central
                 scheduler process, faxq.  The devid is an identifier derived from  the  name  of
                 the  modem's  device  file;  for  example  ttym2  for  /dev/ttym2,  term_10  for

       -q dir    Use a spooling area other than /var/spool/hylafax.


       /var/spool/hylafax                 default spooling area
       /var/spool/hylafax/FIFO            fifo for contacting faxq

       Consult hylafax-server(5) for a complete discussion of the structure and  content  of  the
       spooling area.


       hylafax-server(5), faxmodem(8), faxstate(8), faxgetty(8), faxq(8), hylafax-config(5).

                                           Oct 3, 1995                               FAXCONFIG(8)