Provided by: foomatic-db-engine_4.0.13-6_amd64 bug


       foomatic-getpjloptions - <put a short description here>


       foomatic-getpjloptions device

       foomatic-getpjloptions hostname port


       foomatic-getpjloptions  Sends  a  set  of  PJL commands and reads back the PJL options and
       status from a printer over a network connection or device bidirectional interface such  as
       parallel,  USB,  serial.   printers  to  standard  output.  The  output  can be piped into
       foomatic-addpjloptions to add options to the database.

       device    The  interface  to  which  a  local  printer  is   connected,   e.g.   /dev/lp0,
                 /dev/usb/lp0, /dev/tty00, etc.  For a parallel port, you must have bidirectional
                 support enabled at the BIOS level and the parallel port driver must support  the
                 bidirectional  mode.   Check  your  parallel  port  BIOS  settings  for  EPP/bi-
                 directional mode.

       hostname  Host name or IP address of a network printer (HP JetDirect, DLINK, etc.).

       port      Port on which your network printer listens for socket  (Appsocket)  connections.
                 Most  common  ports  are  9100  (JetDirect),  10000  (DLINK).   Usually  you can
                 configure the port via a configuration interface.


       foomatic-getpjloptions returns ???


       Manfred Wassmann <> for the foomatic project using output from
       the  associated  binary.   Modified  by  Patrick Powell <papowell at> to provide
       betters support for network printers, error messages, and remove CR and FF from output.


       Uni-directional protocols as remote LPD are not supported as no status is returned.   Some
       network print servers which attach to a printer parallel port do not support bidirectional