Provided by: opengnb_1.2.9.0-2_amd64 bug


       gnb - gnb command to setup VPN used by opengnb


       gnb [-i IFNAME] -c CONFIG_PATH [OPTION]


       GNB  version  protocol version 1.1.2

       registered packet filter: gnb_pf_dump gnb_pf_route gnb_pf_crypto_xor gnb_pf_crypto_arc4

Command Summary:

       -c, --conf
              config path

       -n, --nodeid

       -P, --public-index-service
              run as public index service

       -I, --index-address
              index address

       -a, --node-address
              node ip address

       -r, --node-route
              node route

       -i, --ifname
              TUN Device Name, it's gnb_tun in Linux default.

       -4, --ipv4-only
              Use IPv4 Only

       -6, --ipv6-only
              Use IPv6 Only

       -d, --daemon

       -q, --quiet
              disabled console output

       -t, --selftest
              self test

       -p, --passcode
              a  hexadecimal  string of 32-bit unsigned integer, use to strengthen safety default
              is 0x9d078107

       -l, --listen
              listen address default is ''

       -b, --ctl-block
              ctl block mapper file

       -e, --es-argv
              pass-through gnb_es argv

       -V, --verbose
              verbose mode

              node  woker queue length

              index woker queue length

              index service woker queue length

              port detect start

              port detect end

              port detect range

       --mtu  TUN Device MTU ipv4:532~1500, ipv6: 1280~1500

              ip frame crypto 'xor' or 'arc4' or 'none' default is 'xor'

       --crypto-key-update-interval crypto key  update  interval,  'hour'  or  'minute'  or  none
              default is 'none'

              'simple-fault-tolerant'    or    'simple-load-balance'   or   'full'   default   is

              'simple-fault-tolerant' or 'simple-load-balance' default is 'simple-fault-tolerant'

              example: 'eth0', 'eno1', only for unix-like os

              hide part of ip address in logs 'on' or 'off' default is 'on'

              dump the interface data frame 'on' or 'off' default is 'off'

              packet filter route

              'on' or 'off' default is 'off'

              'on' or 'off' default is 'on'

              'on' or 'off' default is 'on'

              'on' or 'off' default is 'on'

              'on' or 'off' default is 'on'

              'on' or 'off' default is 'on'

              'on' or 'off' default is 'on'

              pid file

              node address cache file

              log file path

              send log to the address ipv4 default is ''

              log udp type 'binary' or 'text' default is 'binary'

              log console level 0-3

              log file level    0-3

              log udp level     0-3

              core log level           0-3

              packet filter log level  0-3

              main log level           0-3

              node log level           0-3

              index log level          0-3

              index service log level  0-3

              node detect log level    0-3



       ./gnb -i gnbtun -c $node_conf_dir -e "--upnp"

       ./gnb -P

       ./gnb -P --console-log-level=3 --index-service-log-level=3

       ./gnb -n 1001 -I '$public_index_ip/$port' -p $passcode

       ./gnb -n 1002 -I '$public_index_ip/$port' -p $passcode

       ./gnb -n 1001 -a 'i/0/$public_index_ip/$port' -p $passcode

       ./gnb -n 1002 -a 'i/0/$public_index_ip/$port' -p $passcode


       gnb_crypto(1), gnb_ctl(8), gnb_es(8)


       Source Code and Documentation at


       Copyright © 2019-2022 gnbdev<>