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       grid-mapfile-add-entry - Add an entry to a gridmap file


       grid-mapfile-add-entry [ -h | -help | -usage | -version | -versions ]

       grid-mapfile-add-entry -dn DISTINGUISHED-NAME -ln LOCAL-NAME... [-d | -dryrun] [ -f
       MAPFILE | -mapfile MAPFILE ] [-force] [ -n ] [ -c ]


       The grid-mapfile-add-entry program adds a new mapping from an X.509 distinguished name to
       a local POSIX user name to a gridmap file. Gridmap files are used as a simple
       authorization method for services such as GRAM5 or GridFTP.

       The grid-mapfile-add-entry program verifies that the LOCAL-NAME is a valid user name on
       the system on which it was run, and that the mapping between DISTINGUISHED-NAME and
       LOCAL-NAME does not already exist in the gridmap file.

       By default, grid-mapfile-add-entry will modify the gridmap file named by the GRIDMAP
       environment variable if present, or the file /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile if not. This
       can be changed by the use of the -mapfile or -f command-line options.

       If the gridmap file does not exist, grid-mapfile-add-entry will create it. If it already
       exists, grid-mapfile-add-entry will save the current contents of the file to a new file
       with the string .old appended to the file name.

       The full set of command-line options to grid-mapfile-add-entry are:

       -help, -usage
           Display the command-line options to grid-mapfile-add-entry.

       -version, -versions
           Display the version number of the grid-mapfile-add-entry command. The second form
           includes more details.

           The X.509 distinguished name to add a mapping for. The name should be in OpenSSL’s
           oneline format.

       -ln LOCAL-NAME...
           The POSIX user name to map the distinguished name to. This name must be a valid
           username. Add multiple LOCAL-NAME strings after the -ln command-line option. If any of
           the local names are invalid, no changes will be made to the gridmap file (but see
           force option below).

       -d, -dryrun
           Verify local names and display diagnostics about what would be added to the gridmap
           file, but don’t actually modify the file.

       -mapfile MAPFILE, -f MAPFILE
           Modify the gridmap file named by MAPFILE instead of the default.

           Make modifications even if user does not exist (needed for B2STAGE).

           Don’t copy the original file to MAPFILE.old.

           Don’t check for changes to the gridmap during program execution.


       Add a mapping between the current user’s certificate to the current user id to a gridmap
       file in $HOME/.gridmap:

           % grid-mapfile-add-entry -f $HOME/.gridmap -dn "`grid-cert-info -subject`" -ln "`id -un`"
           Modifying /home/juser/.gridmap ...
           /home/juser/.gridmap does not exist... Attempting to create /home/juser/.gridmap
           New entry:
           "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" juser
           (1) entry added

       Add a mapping between the a distinguished name and multiple local names:

           % grid-mapfile-add-entry -dn "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" juser" local1 local2
           Modifying /home/juser/.gridmap ...
           /home/juser/.gridmap does not exist... Attempting to create /home/juser/.gridmap
           New entry:
           "/DC=org/DC=example/DC=grid/CN=Joe User" local1,local2
           (1) entry added


       The following environment variables affect the execution of grid-mapfile-add-entry:

           Path to the default gridmap to modify


       The following files affect the execution of grid-mapfile-add-entry:

           Path to the default gridmap to modify if GRIDMAP environment variable is not set.


       grid-mapfile-check-consistency(8), grid-mapfile-delete-entry(8)


       Copyright © 1999-2016 University of Chicago