Provided by: infnoise_0.3.2+dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       infnoise - Infinite Noise TRNG driver


       infnoise --help
       infnoise --version
       infnoise --list-devices
       infnoise  [--debug] [--dev-random] [--raw] [--multiplier <value>] [--no-output] [--pidfile
       <file>] [--daemon] [--serial <serial>]


       infnoise provides access to the Infinite Noise True Random Number Generator and allows the
       data it generates to be fed into the system's random number generator.

       infnoise --help shows a short summary of the options.

       infnoise --version displays the program's version information.

       infnoise --list-devices lists all the supported TRNG devices present on the system.

       infnoise  reads  random  data from a TRNG and outputs filtered random data to its standard
       output. The various options control the program's behaviour.


              measures the quality of the data obtained from the TRNG. It is typically used  with
              --no-output as a sanity test.

              adds  the  filtered  data to the system's entropy pool instead of sending it to its
              standard output.

       --raw  disables output whitening.

              writes 256 bits × value for every 512  bits  written  to  the  Keccak  sponge;  the
              default of 0 means to write all the available entropy, without multiplying it.

              disables output of random data.

              stores the process' identifier in file.

              starts the program as a daemon.

              uses the device matching the specified serial.

                                           June 25 2018                               INFNOISE(8)