Provided by: iproute2_5.15.0-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       ip-sr - IPv6 Segment Routing management


       ip sr  { COMMAND | help }

       ip sr hmac show

       ip sr hmac set KEYID ALGO

       ip sr tunsrc show

       ip sr tunsrc set ADDRESS


       The ip sr command is used to configure IPv6 Segment Routing (SRv6) internal parameters.

       Those parameters include the mapping between an HMAC key ID and its associated hashing
       algorithm and secret, and the IPv6 address to use as source for encapsulated packets.

       The ip sr hmac set command prompts for a passphrase that will be used as the HMAC secret
       for the corresponding key ID. A blank passphrase removes the mapping.  The currently
       supported algorithms for ALGO are sha1 and sha256.

       If the tunnel source is set to the address :: (which is the default), then an address of
       the egress interface will be selected. As this operation may hinder performances, it is
       recommended to set a non-default address.


   Configure an HMAC mapping for key ID 42 and hashing algorithm SHA-256
       # ip sr hmac set 42 sha256

   Set the tunnel source address to 2001:db8::1
       # ip sr tunsrc set 2001:db8::1




       David Lebrun <>