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       ippl - IP Protocols Logger


       ippl [-hn] [-c file-name] [--help] [--nodaemon] [--config file-name]


       ippl  is  an IP protocols logger. It logs incoming TCP connections, UDP datagrams and ICMP
       packets sent to a host.

       ippl is based on the well-known iplogger written by Mike  Edulla.  The  main  drawback  of
       iplogger  is  that it is not (easily) configurable.  ippl has been written keeping in mind
       that it should be extremely configurable and it should  be  easy  to  extend  its  logging


       -c file-name, --config file-name
              file-name   specifies   an   alternate  configuration  file  to  use.  By  default,
              CONFIGURATION_FILE is used.

       -h, --help
              Print a usage message on standard output and exits successfully.

       -n, --nodaemon
              This option cause ippl not to place itself in the background. The log messages will
              be logged to standard output instead of using syslog.


       ippl  reacts  to  certain  signal.  An easy way to send it signals is to use the following

                  kill -SIGNAL `cat PID_FILE`

       SIGHUP This causes ippl  to  close  all  the  open  sockets  and  log  files,  reread  the
              configuration file and restart. Note that this signal should be sent to ippl if the
              log files are renamed or deleted.

              ippl will cleanly die.

       SIGINT If ippl has been started with th -n option, it will cleanly die.


        /etc/ippl.conf - configuration file
        /usr/share/doc/ippl/* - files worth reading if you still have a question
        /run/ippl/ - file containing the PID of the running ippl


       ippl.conf(5), RFC768, RFC791, RFC792, RFC793, RFC1413


       Hugo Haas ( Etienne Bernard (

       Information about ippl development can be found at

       New   stable   releases   can   be   dowloaded   via    FTP    on    in


       Two  mailing lists have been setup. Send an email to to subscribe to the
       announcement list (ippl-announce) or to the development list (ippl).


       If ippl spends too much time resolving host names, some packets may not be logged.

       The logclosing option logs TCP connection  terminations.  However,  it  logs  terminations
       initiated by both ends, which is not the expected behavior.

       Please reports any bug to

                                    Last change: 21 April 2000                            IPPL(8)