Provided by: ircd-irc2_2.11.2p3~dfsg-7_amd64 bug


       ircd-mkpasswd - generate password hashes for ircd


       ircd-mkpasswd [-m|-d] [-l saltlength] [-s salt] [-p plaintext]

       -m Generate an MD5 password

       -d Generate a DES password

       -l Specify a length for a random MD5 salt

       -s Specify a salt, 2 alphanumeric characters for DES, up to 16 for MD5

       -p Specify a plaintext password to use

       Example: ircd-mkpasswd -m -s 3dr -p test


       ircd-mkpasswd generates SALT encrypted passwords for use in ircd.conf

                                             May 2002                            IRCD-MKPASSWD(8)