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       jool_siit - Interact with SIIT Jool (the kernel module).


       Sends commands and requests to SIIT Jool.
       SIIT Jool is a kernel module you load into a Linux kernel. It implements RFC 7915.


       Linux is the only OS in which this program makes sense.
       Kernels 4.4 and up.


       jool_siit [<argp1>] instance (
            | add
                 (--netfilter | --iptables)
                 [--pool6 <IPv6-prefix>]
            | remove
            | flush
            | <help>

       jool_siit [<argp1>] stats (
            | <help>

       jool_siit [<argp1>] global (
            | update
                 <Key> <Value>
            | <help>

       jool_siit [<argp1>] eamt (
            | add
                 <IPv4-prefix> <IPv6-prefix>
            | remove
                 <IPv4-prefix> <IPv6-prefix>
            | flush
            | <help>

       jool_siit [<argp1>] address (
            query [--verbose] <IP-Address>

       jool_siit [<argp1>] denylist4 (
            | add
            | remove
            | flush
            | <help>

       jool_siit [<argp1>] file (
            handle <JSON-File>
            | <help>

       <argp1> := (<help> | --instance <Name> | --file <File>)

       <help> := (--help | --usage | --version)


   Modes and Operations
       instance display
              Show all instances from all namespaces.

       instance add
              Create a new instance.

       instance remove
              Drop an existing instance.

       instance flush
              Drop all instances from the current namespace.

       stats display
              Show internal counters.

       global display
              Show the current values of the instance's tweakable internal variables.

       global update
              Tweak one of the instance's internal variables.

       eamt display
              Show the EAM table.

       eamt add
              Upload an entry to the EAM table.

       eamt remove
              Drop an entry from the EAM table.

       eamt flush
              Empty the EAM table.

       address query
              Print the translated version of the given address using the current configuration.

       denylist4 display
              Show the denylist.

       denylist4 add
              Upload an entry to the denylist.

       denylist4 remove
              Drop an entry from the denylist.

       denylist4 flush
              Empty the denylist.

       file handle
              Parse all the configuration from a JSON file.
              Create instance if it doesn't exist, update if it does.

       --instance <Name>
              Name of the instance you want to interact with.
              It's an ASCII string, 15 characters max. Defaults to 'default'.

       --file <File>
              JSON file which contains the name of the instance you want to interact with.
              Same JSON structure as the one from atomic configuration.

       --csv  Output in CSV table format.

              Do not print table headers.  (Nor footer, if applies.)

              Sit the instance on top of the Netfilter framework.

              Sit the instance on top of the iptables framework.

       --pool6 <IPv6-prefix>
              Contents of the new instance's IPv6 pool.
              The format is 'PREFIX_ADDRESS[/PREFIX_LENGTH]'.

       --all  Show all the counters.
              (Otherwise, only the nonzero ones are printed.)

              Show a description of each counter.

              Print some details regarding the translation operation.

              Apply operation even if certain validations fail.

   Other Arguments
       <Key> <Value>
              Name of the variable you want to edit (see 'Globals' section), and its new value.

              The format is IPV6_ADDRESS[/PREFIX_LENGTH]. PREFIX_LENGTH defaults to 128.

              The format is IPV4_ADDRESS[/PREFIX_LENGTH]. PREFIX_LENGTH defaults to 32.

              Name of the instance you want to add or remove.
              If  --instance  or  --file  were  included in <argp1>, then the instance names must

              Path to a JSON file.

       manually-enabled <Boolean>
              Enable or disable the instance.

       pool6 (<IPv6 Prefix> | null)
              The IPv6 pool's prefix.
              The format is 'PREFIX_ADDRESS[/PREFIX_LENGTH]'.
              Use null to clear.

       lowest-ipv6-mtu <Unsigned 32-bit integer>
              Smallest reachable IPv6 MTU.

       logging-debug <Boolean>
              Enable logging of debug messages?

       zeroize-traffic-class <Boolean>
              Always set the IPv6 header's 'Traffic Class' field as zero?
              Otherwise copy from IPv4 header's 'TOS'.

       override-tos <Boolean>
              Override the IPv4 header's 'TOS' field as --tos?
              Otherwise copy from IPv6 header's 'Traffic Class'.

       tos <Unsigned 8-bit integer>
              Value to override TOS as (only when override-tos is ON)

       mtu-plateaus <Comma-separated list of unsigned 16-bit integers>
              Set the list of plateaus for ICMPv4 Fragmentation Neededs with MTU unset.

       amend-udp-checksum-zero <Boolean>
              Compute the UDP checksum of IPv4-UDP packets whose value is zero?
              Otherwise drop the packet.

       eam-hairpin-mode (simple | intrinsic | off)
              Defines how EAM+hairpinning is handled.

       randomize-rfc6791-addresses <Boolean>
              Randomize selection of address from the RFC6791 pool?
              Otherwise choose the 'Hop Limit'th address.

       rfc6791v6-prefix (<IPv6 Prefix> | null)
              IPv6 prefix to generate RFC6791v6 addresses from.
              Use null to clear.

       rfc6791v4-prefix (<IPv4 Prefix> | null)
              IPv4 prefix to generate RFC6791v4 addresses from.
              Use null to clear.

       trace <Boolean>
              Log basic packet fields as they are received?


       Create a new instance named "Example":
            jool_siit instance add Example --iptables

       Print the globals:
            jool_siit -i Example global display

       Change the IPv6 pool prefix:
            jool_siit -i Example global update pool6 2001:db8::/96

       Print the Explicit Address Mappings Table (EAMT):
            jool_siit -i Example eamt display

       Add an entry to the EAMT:
            jool_siit -i Example eamt add 2001:db8::/120

       Remove an entry from the EAMT:
            jool_siit -i Example eamt remove 2001:db8::/120

       Add denylist prefix
            jool_siit -i Example denylist4 add

       Allow translation of
            jool_siit -i Example denylist4 remove


       TRUE, FALSE, 1, 0, YES, NO, ON and OFF are all valid booleans. You can mix case too.


       Zero on success, non-zero on failure.


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       Copyright 2022 NIC Mexico.
       License: GPLv2 (GNU GPL version 2)
       This  is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO WARRANTY,
       to the extent permitted by law.