Provided by: kiwi_9.24.45-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       kiwi::result::bundle - Bundle build results


          kiwi-ng [global options] service <command> [<args>]

          kiwi-ng result bundle -h | --help
          kiwi-ng result bundle --target-dir=<directory> --id=<bundle_id> --bundle-dir=<directory>
          kiwi-ng result bundle help


       Create  result bundle from the image build results in the specified target directory. Each
       result image will contain the  specified  bundle  identifier  as  part  of  its  filename.
       Uncompressed image files will also become xz compressed and a sha sum will be created from
       every result image.


              directory containing the bundle results, compressed versions of image  results  and
              their sha sums

              bundle  id,  could  be  a  free  form  text  and  is  appended to the image version
              information if present as part of the result image filename

              directory containing the kiwi build results

              Specify the download location from which the bundle file(s) can  be  fetched  from.
              The information is effective if zsync is used to sync the bundle.

              • The  zsync  control  file is only created for those bundle files which are marked
                for compression because in a KIWI NG  build  only  those  are  meaningful  for  a
                partial binary file download.

              • It  is  expected  that  all  files  from a bundle are placed to the same download

              Take all result files and create an rpm package out of it


       Marcus Schäfer


       2022, Marcus Schäfer