Provided by: kiwi_9.24.45-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       kiwi::system::create - Create image from prepared root system


          kiwi-ng [global options] service <command> [<args>]

          kiwi-ng system create -h | --help
          kiwi-ng system create --root=<directory> --target-dir=<directory>
          kiwi-ng system create help


       Create  an image from a previously prepared image root directory.  The kiwi create call is
       usually issued after a kiwi prepare command and builds the requested  image  type  in  the
       specified target directory


              Path  to  the  image  root directory. This directory is usually created by the kiwi
              prepare command. If a directory is used which was not  created  by  kiwi's  prepare
              command,  it's  important  to  know that kiwi stores image build metadata below the
              image/ directory which needs to be present in  order  to  let  the  create  command
              operate correctly.

              Path to store the build results.

              set  the  key  file  to  be  trusted and imported into the package manager database
              before performing any operation. This is useful if an image build should  take  and
              validate  repository  and package signatures during build time. In create step this
              option only affects the boot image. This option can be specified multiple times


       Marcus Schäfer


       2022, Marcus Schäfer