Provided by: kopano-utils_8.7.0-7.1ubuntu11_amd64 bug


       kopano-migration-pst - Utility to import PST files into Kopano


       kopano-migration-pst [OPTION...] [PATH]


       kopano-migration-pst is a utility to import PST files into Kopano. As PST files are
       basically MAPI dumps, and Kopano also uses MAPI internally, there should be practically no
       data loss, even including calendar data.


       --auth-pass, -P PASS
           Authenticate with specified password.

       --auth-user, -U NAME
           Authenticate as specified user.

           Empty target folders before importing into them.

       --create-ex-mapping FILE
           Create a JSON file with a mapping of legacyExchangeDN to a found email address. For
           migrating Exchange generated PST's which include a legacyExchangeDN instead of an
           email address in the from and sender properties. This generated mapping can be passed
           to --ex-mapping when importing a PST. Multiple PST files can be provided to generate
           the mapping file.

       --config, -c FILE
           Load configuration settings from specified file.

           Dismiss reminders for events in the past.

       --folder, -f PATH
           Import only folder(s) with specified path(s).

       --import-root PATH
           Import data under folder with specific path (or name).

           List messages/items contained in specified PST file.

       --log-level, -l NAME
           Specify log-level, for example, 'error', 'warning' 'info' or 'debug'.

       --ex-mapping FILE
           Use a mapping file to look up an email address for items with only a legacyExchangeDN.

       --server-socket, -s SOCKET
           Connect to storage server through specified socket.

       --ssl-key, -k FILE
           Specify SSL key file.

       --ssl-pass, -p PASSWORD
           Specify SSL key password.

           List folders contained in specified PST file.

       --store, -S GUID
           GUID of store where to import specified PST file (or "public" to import to public

       --user, -u NAME
           Name of user for who to import the specified PST file.


       Import PST file name "outlook.pst" to store of user "bert":

       kopano-migration-pst -u bert outlook.pst

       Import PST file name "public.pst" into (new or existing) "imported" folder of public

       kopano-migration-pst -S public --import-root=imported public.pst


       Written by Kopano.