Provided by: createrepo-c_0.17.0-1build2_amd64 bug


       mergerepo_c - Merge multiple rpm-md format repositories together


       mergerepo_c [options] --repo repo1 --repo repo2


       Show program's version number and exit

   -r --repo REPOS
       Repo url

   --repo-prefix-search OLD_PREFIX
       Repository prefix to be replaced by NEW_PREFIX.

   --repo-prefix-replace NEW_PREFIX
       Repository prefix URL by which the OLD_PREFIX is replaced.

   -a --archlist ARCHLIST
       Defaults to all arches - otherwise specify arches

   -d --database
   -v --verbose
   -o --outputdir OUTPUTDIR
       Location to create the repository

       Do not merge group (comps) metadata

       Do not merge updateinfo metadata

   --compress-type COMPRESS_TYPE
       Which compression type to use

       Generate zchunk files as well as the standard repodata.

   --zck-dict-dir ZCK_DICT_DIR
       Directory containing compression dictionaries for use by zchunk

   --method MERGE_METHOD
       Specify merge method for packages with the same name and arch.

       Available merge methods:

          (default) select package from the first specified repository.

          select package with the higher version and release.

          select package with the newest timestamp.

       Include  all  packages  with the same name and arch if version or release is different. If
       used --method argument is ignored!

   --noarch-repo URL
       Packages with noarch architecture will be replaced by package from this repo if exists  in

       Include the file's checksum in the metadata filename, helps HTTP caching (default).

       Do not include the file's checksum in the metadata filename.

       Don't add a baseurl to packages that don't have one before.

   -k --koji
       Enable koji mergerepos behaviour. (Optionally select simple mode with: --simple)

       Enable  koji specific simple merge mode where we keep even packages with identical NEVRAs.
       Only works with combination with --koji/-k.

       Enable standard mergerepos behavior while also providing the pkgorigins file for koji.

       Add multilib architectures for specified archlist and expand all of them. Only works  with
       combination with --archlist.

   -g --groupfile GROUPFILE
       Path to groupfile to include in metadata.

   -b --blocked FILE
       A  file  containing  a list of srpm names to exclude from the merged repo. Only works with
       combination with --koji/-k.

                                            2020-04-29                             MERGEREPO_C(8)