Provided by: mpt-status_1.2.0-8build1_amd64 bug


       mpt-status - retrieve configuration and health status from LSI hardware RAID controllers


       mpt-status [ options ]


       The  mpt-status software is a query tool to access the running configuration and status of
       LSI SCSI HBAs.  mpt-status allows you to monitor the health and status of your RAID setup.


              This will try to automatically load the mptctl kernel module.

       -u --controller <int>
              Set the IOC unit (controller).

       -h --help
              Print some help information.

       -n --newstyle
              Use the new style  output.  This  parameter  was  introduced  to  retain  backwards
              compatibility.  If  not  set, you get the old style output.  It is very likely that
              the output of the newstyle format will change heavily in the future, so do not rely
              on it when writing plugins for monitoring software, for example.

       -i --set_id <int>
              Set id of primary device (check README).

       -p --probe_id
              Use this to probe SCSI id's when not on id 0.

       -q --quiet
              Do not display any warnings.

       -s --status_only
              Only print the status information. This can be used for easy scripting

       -v --verbose
              Print verbose information, such as warnings

       -V --version
              Print version information

       -d --debug [<int>]
              Enable  debugging  and  set  level optionally.  NOTE: This is not fully implemented


       The program's exit(2) status is meant to be interpreted as a bit mask. If everything  went
       well,  zero  is  returned.  If  not  (i.e. if for example an error or unknown condition is
       detected), the bits of the return value shall be interpreted as:

       Bit   Value   Meaning
         0       1   Abnormal condition / unknown error
         1       2   A logical volume has failed

         2       4   A logical volume is degraded
         3       8   A logical volume is resyncing
         4      16   At least one physical disk failed
         5      32   At least one physical disk is in warning condition


       Report bugs to your linux distribution or software vendor, if mpt-status  was  bundled  on
       your  installation.  If  you  have  been compiling mpt-status from the vanilla sources and
       experience problems, redirect them to preferably <> or <>.


       Besides design bugs, gross software engineering and missing  features,  this  software  is
       considered pretty stable and can be used in production environments.




       LSI Logic provides CLI tools for megaraid controllers which you can find on their webpage,


       mpt-status was written by Roberto Nibali <>.

       This manual page was written by Steffen  Joeris  <>,  for  the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                          November 2006                             MPT-STATUS(8)