Provided by: mumudvb_1.7.1-1build1_amd64 bug


       MuMuDVB - Multicast a DVB transponder over multiples ip addresses


       mumudvb [options] -c conf_file
       mumudvb [options] --config conf_file


       MuMuDVB is a program who can redistribute stream from DVB on a network, in multicast or in
       HTTP unicast. It's main feature is to take a whole transponder and put each channel  on  a
       different multicast IP.

       Website :


       The following options are provided by MuMuDVB :

       -c, --config conf_file
              Path to the config file

       -s, --signal
              Display signal power

       -t, --traffic
              Display channels traffic

       -l, --list-cards
              List the DVB cards and exit

              The DVB card to use (overrided by the configuration file)

              The server id (for autoconfiguration, overrided by the configuration file)

       -d, --debug
              Don't deamonize

       -h, --help
              Display Help

       -v     More Verbose

       -q     More quiet

              Debug option : Dump the stream into the specified file


       The program is documented in README and for french speaking people in README-fr.


       Upstream author:
       Brice DUBOST <>
       Stéphane Glondu <> (makefile cleaning, man page, debian package)
       Manuel SABBAN <> (use of getopt)
       Sébastien Raillard
       Pierre Gronlier
       Ludovic Boué
       Utelisys Communications B.V. (transcoding)
       Dave  CHAPMAN  (for  writing  dvbstream  and  contributions),  Pierre  Gronlier, Sébastien
       Raillard, Utelisys Communications B.V. (transcoding), Romolo Manfredini, Ludovic Boué

       This manual page was written by  Stephane  Glondu  <>  and  Brice
       DUBOST <>.