Provided by: nala_0.11.1_all bug


       nala-install - install packages


       nala install [--options] PKGS ...


       Install works similar to the way it does in apt.

       nala takes multiple packages as arguments and will install all of them.


              Purge any packages that would removed during the transaction.

              Print  helpful  information  for solving issues.  If you're submitting a bug report
              try running the command again with --debug and providing the output to the devs, it
              may be helpful.

              Force nala not to format dpkg output.

              This disables all formatting and it would look as if you were using apt.

              A  more indepth explanation for what this switch does, nala will fork a tty instead
              of a pty for dpkg.

              nala will  also  not  display  a  progress  bar  for  dpkg  with  this  turned  on.
              Additionally  the  language  of the output will not be forced into English for this

       -d, --download-only
              Packages are only retrieved, not unpacked or installed.

              Allow the removal of essential packages.

              This is very dangerous, but we thought you should have the option.

       --assume-yes, --assume-no

              -y, --assume-yes

                     Automatically select yes for any prompts which may need your input.

                     If the configuration option assume_yes is true, this switch will set it back
                     to default behavior

              -n, --assume-no

                     Automatically select no for any prompts which may need your input.

       -o, --option
              Set options to pass through to apt, nala, or dpkg.

                     Force dpkg to install new config files without prompting:

                            nala install --option Dpkg::Options::="--force-confnew"

                     Disable scrolling text for nala

                            nala install --option Nala::scrolling_text="false"

                     Allow nala to update unauthenticated repositories:

                            nala install --option* APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated="true"

       -v, --verbose
              Disable scrolling text and print extra information

       -h, --help
              Shows this man page.

       --autoremove, --no-autoremove

                     Automatically remove any packages that are no longer needed.

                     This variant is the default


                     Do NOT Automatically remove any packages

       --update, --no-update

                     Update the package list before the requested operation.


                            nala install --update neofetch

                            is equivalent to

                            apt update && apt install neofetch

                     [Default for: upgrade]


                     Do NOT update the package list before the requested operation.

                     [Default for: install, remove, purge, autoremove, autopurge]

       --install-recommends, --no-install-recommends

                     Recommended packages will be installed.

                     This variant is the default


                     Recommended package will NOT be installed.

                     If  this  option is selected nala will display the recommended packages that
                     will not be installed.

       --fix-broken, --no-fix-broken

                     Attempts to fix broken packages.

                     This variant is the default


                     Stops nala from performing extra checks.

                     This can result in a broken install!

              If you just want to fix broken packages:

                     nala install --fix-broken


       Copyright (C) 2021, 2022 Blake Lee