Provided by: netopeer2_2.0.35-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       netopeer2-server - NETCONF server daemon build on libnetconf2 with sysrepo datastore


       netopeer2-server  [-dhV] [-p PATH] [-U[PATH]] [-m MODE] [-u UID] [-g GID] [-t TIMEOUT] [-v
       LEVEL] [-c CATEGORY]


       netopeer2-server is as a full-fledged NETCONF server providing a remote NETCONF  interface
       for  sysrepo datastore. It configures itself based on ietf-netconf-server YANG module data
       in sysrepo.


       -d     Debug mode (do not daemonize and  print  verbose  messages  to  stderr  instead  of

       -h     Display help.

       -V     Show program version.

       -p PATH
              Path to pidfile.

       -f PATH
              Path to netopeer2 server files directory.

              Listen on a local UNIX socket.

       -m MODE
              Set mode for the listening UNIX socket.

       -u UID Set UID/user for the listening UNIX socket.

       -g GID Set GID/group for the listening UNIX socket.

       -t TIMEOUT
              Timeout  in  seconds  of all sysrepo functions (applying edit-config, reading data,
              ...), if 0 (default), the default sysrepo timeouts are used.

       -v LEVEL
              Verbose output LEVEL:
               • 0 - errors
               • 1 - errors and warnings
               • 2 - errors, warnings, and verbose messages

       -c CATEGORY[,CATEGORY...]
              Verbose debug level, print only these debug message categories.  Categories:

SEE ALSO (sysrepo home page with basic information about netopeer2-server) (Netopeer2 Git repository)


       Michal Vasko <>
       Radek Krejci <>


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       Copyright © 2018-2021 Deutsche Telekom AG.