Provided by: opa-fastfabric_10. bug



       (Switch)  Performs  analysis  of  the  embedded  Subnet Manager (SM) for configuration and
       health. The opaesmanalysis tool checks the opafm.xml file for the chassis.

       All files generated by opaesmanalysis start with esm in the file name.

       Intel recommends that you set up SSH keys for chassis (see

       opasetupssh ). If SSH keys are not set up, all chassis must be configured  with  the  same
       admin password and the password must be kept in the opafastfabric.conf configuration file.


       opaesmanalysis [-b|-e] [-s] [-d  dir] [-G  esmchassisfile]
       [-E 'esmchassis']



                 Produces full help text.


                 Specifies the baseline mode. Default is the compare/check mode.


                 Evaluates health only. Default is the compare/check mode.


                 Saves history of failures (errors/differences).

       -d dir

                 Specifies  the  top-level  directory  for  saving baseline and history of failed
                 checks. Default is /var/usr/lib/opa/analysis

       -G esmchassisfile

                 Specifies  the   file   with   SM   chassis   in   the   cluster.   Default   is

       -E 'esmchassis'

                 Specifies the list of SM chassis on which to execute the command.



Environment Variables

       The following environment variables are also used by this command:


                 List of SM chassis, used if -G and -E options are not supplied.


                 File containing list of SM chassis, used if -G and -E options are not supplied.


                 Top-level directory for baselines and failed health checks.