Provided by: opa-fastfabric_10. bug



       Analyzes  the  present  fabric  and  produces a list of Externally Managed switches in the
       required format for the /etc/opa/switches file.


       opagenswitches [-t portsfile] [-p ports] [-R] [-L switches_file]
       [-o output_file] [-T topology_file] [-X snapshot_file] [-s] [-v level] [-K]



                 Produces full help text.

       -t portsfile

                 Specifies the file with list of local HFI ports used  to  access  fabric(s)  for
                 Default is /etc/opa/ports file.

       -p ports

                 Specifies the list of local HFI ports used to access fabrics for counter clear.

                 Default  is  first active port. The first HFI in the system is 1. The first port
                 on an HFI is 1. Uses the format hfi:port,
                 for example:

                 0:0       First active port in system.

                 0:y       Port y within system.

                 x:0       First active port on HFI x.

                 x:y       HFI x, port y.


                 Does not attempt to get routes for computation of distance.


                 Updates/resolves switch names using topology XML data.

       -L switches_file

                 Specifies the name of a pre-existing  switches_file  to  be  used  as  input  in
                 conjunction  with  a  topology file. When specified, the file is used instead of
                 switches data obtained from the actual fabric.  The  updated  switches  data  is
                 output  to  stdout  (common to all opagenswitches operations). Does not generate
                 switches data. Must also use -s option.

       -o output_file

                 Writes switches data to output_file. Default is stdout.

       -T topology_file

                 Specifies topology_file to use. May contain '%P' . Must also use -s.

                 Link data in the topology file is compared to actual fabric link data  (obtained
                 by  opareport  -o  links  or  opareport  -X snapshot -o links). The data is also
                 matched to a list of switch node  GUIDs  and  the  switch  NodeDesc  values  are
                 generated.  This  list  is  then applied to the switches data to update NodeDesc
                 values. The comparison of topology link data to actual fabric link  data  starts
                 with the host names. The host names in the actual fabric must match those in the
                 topology file for the comparison  to  succeed.  However,  the  comparison  logic
                 allows  for  some  mismatches,  which could be due to swapped or missing cables.
                 Switch NodeDesc values are matched to  GUIDs  based  on  which  switch  has  the
                 greater number of matching links.

       -X snapshot_file

                 Uses snapshot_file XML for fabric link information.
                 May contain '%P' . Must also use -s.

       -v level

                 Specifies the verbose level. Default is 0. Values include:

                 0         No output.

                 1         Progress output.

                 2         Reserved.

                 4         Time stamps.

                 8         Reserved.


                 Does not clean temporary files. Temporary files are CSV format and contain lists
                 of links used during script operation. The files are not normally  needed  after
                 execution, but they can be retained for subsequent inspection or processing.

Environment Variables

       The following environment variables are also used by this command:


                 List of ports, used in absence of -t and -p.


                 File containing list of ports, used in absence of -t and -p.


                 File containing topology XML data, used in absence of -T.



       opagenswitches -p '1:1 2:1'

       opagenswitches -o switches

       opagenswitches -s -o switches

       opagenswitches -L switches -s -o switches

       opagenswitches -s -T topology.%P.xml

       opagenswitches -L switches -s -T topology.%P.xml -X snapshot.%P.xml