Provided by: opa-fastfabric_10. bug



       (All) Performs analysis against the local server only. It is assumed that both the host SM
       and the FastFabric are installed on the same system.

       The host SM analysis tool checks the following:

       •      Host SM software version

       •      Host SM configuration file (simple text compare using FF_DIFF_CMD)

       •      Host SM health (for example, is it running?)


       opahostsmanalysis [-b|-e] [-s] [-d  dir]



                 Produces full help text.


                 Specifies the baseline mode. Default is the compare/check mode.


                 Evaluates health only. Default is the compare/check mode.


                 Saves history of failures (errors/differences).

       -d dir

                 Specifies the top-level directory for saving  baseline  and  history  of  failed
                 checks. Default is /var/usr/lib/opa/analysis



Environment Variables

       The following environment variables are also used by this command:


                 Top-level directory for baselines and failed health checks.


                 Timestamp to use on the directory created in FF_DIFF_CMD.


                 Linux* command to use to compare baseline to latest snapshot.


       All files generated by opahostsmanalysis start with hostsm in the file name.

       The  opahostsmanalysis  tool generates files such as the following within FF_ANALYSIS_DIR.
       The actual file names reflect the individual chassis commands that  have  been  configured
       using the FF_CHASSIS_HEALTH and FF_CHASSIS_CMDS parameters:

       Health Check

       •      latest/hostsm.smstatus - Output of the sm_query smShowStatus command.


       •      baseline/hostsm.smver - Host SM version.

       •      baseline/hostsm.smconfig - Copy of opafm.xml.

       During a baseline run, the files are also created in FF_ANALYSIS_DIR/latest.

       Full Analysis

       •      latest/hostsm.smstatus - Output of the sm_query smShowStatus command.

       •      latest/hostsm.smver  -  Host  SM  version.  latest/hostsm.smver.diff  - diff of the
              baseline and latest host SM version.

       •      latest/hostsm.smconfig - Copy of opafm.xml.

       •      latest/hostsm.smconfig.diff - diff of the baseline and the latest opafm.xml.

       The .diff files are only created if differences are detected.

       If the -s option is used and failures are detected,  files  related  to  the  checks  that
       failed are also copied to a time-stamped directory name under FF_ANALYSIS_DIR.

Host SM Items Checked Against the Baseline

       •      SM configuration file.

       •      Version of the SM rpm installed on the system.

Host SM Items Also Checked During Health Check

       •      The SM is in the running state.