Provided by: opentracker_0.0~git20210823.110868e-2_amd64 bug


       opentracker - Open bittorrent tracker


       opentracker  [ -i ip ] [ -p port ] [ -P port ] [ -r redirect ] [ -d dir ] [ -u user ] [ -A
       ip ] [ -f config ] [ -s livesyncport ] [ -w whitelistfile ]


       This tracker is open in a sense that everyone announcing a torrent is welcome to do so and
       will  be  informed  about  anyone  else  announcing the same torrent.  Only source IPs are
       accepted. The tracker implements a minimal set of essential features  only  but  was  able
       respond  to far more than 10000 requests per second on a Sun Fire 2200 M2 (that's where we
       found no more clients able to fire more of our script).


       -f config
              include and execute the config file

       -i ip  specify ip to bind to (default: *, you may specify more than one)

       -p port
              specify tcp port to bind to (default: 6969, you may specify more than one)

       -P port
              specify udp port to bind to (default: 6969, you may specify more than one)

       -r redirecturlspecify
              url where / should be redirected to (default none)

       -d dir specify directory to try to chroot to (default: ".")

       -u user
              specify user under whose privileges opentracker should run (default: "nobody")

       -A ip  bless an ip address as admin address (e.g. to allow syncs from this address)

       -w file
              specify whitelist file

              -h, -?, --help show a help message and exit

       -ht, --host HOST
              host (default: localhost)

       -p, --port PORT
              port (default: 8080)

       -mp, --multiprocessor PROCESS_COUNT
              define how many processes for the grammar checker

       -t, --test_page
              page to test the server on /

       -on, --opt-on [OPT]...
              activate options

       -off, --opt-off [OPT]...
              deactivate options