Provided by: pantalaimon_0.10.4-2_all bug


     pantalaimon — End-to-end encryption aware Matrix reverse proxy daemon.


     pantalaimon [-c config] [--log-level level] [--data-path path] [--version] [--help]


     pantalaimon is a daemon that acts as a reverse proxy between a Matrix homeserver and a
     Matrix client. The daemon transparently handles end-to-end encryption tasks on behalf of the

     pantalaimon is supposed to run as your own user and listen to connections on a non-
     privileged port. A client needs to log in using the standard Matrix HTTP calls to register
     itself to the daemon, such a registered user is called a pan user and will have it's own
     sync loop to keep up with the server. Multiple matrix clients can connect and use the same
     pan user.

     If user interaction is required pantalaimon will send out OS notifications which the user
     can react to.  pantalaimon also provides a D-Bus API that is used for encryption related
     tasks that require user interference (e.g. device verification).

     pantalaimon requires a homeserver to be configured. Multiple homeservers can be configured,
     each configured homeserver needs to listen on a separate port. Each homeserver can handle
     end-to-end encryption for multiple users. The configuration file format is specified in
     pantalaimon(5), the default location of the configuration file can be found in the FILES

     The command line flags to change the behaviour of pantalaimon are as follows:

     -c, --config file
             Use the supplied file as the configuration file instead of the default one.

     --log-level level
             Set the log level of the daemon, can be one of error, warning, info, debug.
             Defaults to warning.

     --data-path path
             Set the directory for the pantalaimon database. This config option takes precedence
             over the XDG environment variables.

             Display the version number and exit.

     --help  Display the help and exit.


     pantalaimon supports the XDG Base Directory Specification, the default locations can be
     overridden using appropriate environment variables.

         Default location of the configuration file.  The format of the configuration file is
         described in pantalaimon(5).

         Default location of the pantalaimon database.  This file is used to store a sqlite
         database holding daemon state and encryption keys.


     The pantalaimon utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     panctl(1) pantalaimon(5)


     pantalaimon was written by Damir Jelić <>.