Provided by: ndisc6_1.0.4-2ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       rdisc - ICMPv6 Router Discovery tool


       rdisc6 [-qv] [-r attempts] [-s source_ip] [-w wait_ms] [IPv6 address] <iface>


       RDisc6  is an Unix program which implements the ICMPv6 Router Discovery in userland (it is
       normally done by the kernel). It is used to lookup the list of on-link  routers  and  IPv6

       It can also be used to force the kernel to update the state of a given IPv6-autoconfigured
       network interface.

       The name of the network interface to probe routers for must be specified.


       -1 or --single
              Exit as soon as the first advertisement is received.

       -h or --help
              Display some help and exit.

       -m or --multiple
              Wait for possible multiple advertisements and print all of them (default).

       -n or --numeric
              If the optional parameter is not a valid IPv6 address, do not try to resolve it  as
              a DNS hostname.

       -q or --quiet
              Only display advertised IPv6 prefixes. Display nothing in case of failure.  That is
              mostly useful when calling the program from a shell script.

       -r attempts or --retry attempts
              Send ICMPv6 Router Discovery that many times until a reply is received,  or  abort.
              By  default,  rdisc6  will  try 3 times before aborting (MAX_RTR_SOLICITATIONS from

       -s source_ip or --source source_ip
              Specify the IPv6 address to be used as  the  source  for  the  router  solicitation

       -V or --version
              Display program version and license and exit.

       -v or --verbose
              Display verbose information. That is the default.

       -w wait_ms or --wait wait_ms
              Wait wait_ms milliseconds for a response before retrying.  By default, rdisc6 waits
              4 second between each attempts (RTR_SOLICITATION_INTERVAL from RFC2461).

       If rdisc6 does not receive any response after the specified number of attempts waiting for
       wait_ms  milliseconds each time, it will exit with code 2. On error, it exits with code 1.
       Otherwise it exits with code 0.


       rdisc6 must be setuid root to allow use by non privileged users. It  will  drop  its  root
       privileges  before  any attempt is made to send or receive data from the network to reduce
       the possible impact of a security vulnerability.


       ndisc6(8), ipv6(7)


       RĂ©mi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab dot net>