Provided by: dnet-progs_2.65build2_amd64 bug


       rmtermd  - Old style DECnet terminal services for Linux


       [-dvVh] [-l logtype]


       Allows remote PDP-11 users to connect as a terminal over DECnet.

       This  application  implements  the DTERM protocol over DECnet for allowing a remote DECnet
       host emulating a DEC VT100 terminal to connect to Linux.  DTERM is  the  old  OS-dependent
       network  terminal protocol that predates CTERM; it is needed to support access from PDP-11
       systems, which do not support CTERM.  Note that this daemon implements the TOPS-20 variant
       of  that  protocol;  the  client at the other end has to speak that version.  For example,
       under DECnet/E (for RSTS/E) you have to use the "unsupported"  multi-protocol  version  of
       "set host".

       Normally this daemon will be run from dnetd(8) rather than by hand.


       -l     Set logging options. The following are available:
              -lm Log to /dev/mono. (only useful if you have my mono monitor driver or mdacon and
              a second monitor)
              -le Log to stderr. Use this for debugging or testing combined with -d.
              -ls Log to syslog(3). This is the default if no options are given.

       -d     Don't fork and run the background. Use this for debugging.

       -v     Verbose. The more of these there are the more verbose rmtermd will be.

       -h -?  Displays help for using the command.

       -V     Show the version of rmtermd.


       Starting the rmtermd daemon/Connecting to linux from a PDP-11.

       On Linux:

          # rmtermd

       On the PDP-11:

          $ set host pclnx

          Rmtermd Version 1.0.0
          DECnet for Linux



       dntype(1), dndir(1), dndel(1),  dntask(1),  ctermd(8),  dnetd(8),  dnping(1),  sethost(1),