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       rt-email-group-admin - Command line tool for administrating NotifyGroup actions


           rt-email-group-admin --list
           rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify foo team' --group Foo
           rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify foo team as comment' --comment --group Foo
           rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify group Foo and Bar' --group Foo --group Bar
           rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify user' --user
           rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify VIPs' --user
           rt-email-group-admin --add 'Notify VIPs' --user --group vip1 --user
           rt-email-group-admin --rename 'Notify VIPs' --newname 'Inform VIPs'
           rt-email-group-admin --switch 'Notify VIPs'
           rt-email-group-admin --delete 'Notify user'


       This script list, create, modify or delete scrip actions in the RT DB. Once you've created
       an action you can use it in a scrip.

       For example you can create the following action using this script:

           rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify developers' --group 'Development Team'

       Then you can add the followoing scrip to your Bugs queue:

           Condition: On Create
           Action:    Notify developers
           Template:  Transaction
           Stage:     TransactionCreate

       Your development team will be notified on every new ticket in the queue.


       rt-email-group-admin --COMMAND ARGS


       Lists actions and its descriptions.

   create NAME [--comment] [--group GNAME] [--user NAME-OR-EMAIL]
       Creates new action with NAME and adds users and/or groups to its recipient list. Would be
       notify as comment if --comment specified.  The user, if specified, will be autocreated if

   add NAME [--group GNAME] [--user NAME-OR-EMAIL]
       Adds groups and/or users to recipients of the action NAME.  The user, if specified, will
       be autocreated if necessary.

   delete NAME
       Deletes action NAME if scrips doesn't use it.

   switch NAME
       Switch action NAME from notify as correspondence to comment and back.

   rename NAME --newname NEWNAME
       Renames action NAME to NEWNAME.

       If command has option --group or --user then you can use it more then once, if other is
       not specified.


       Ruslan U. Zakirov <>


       RT::Action::NotifyGroup, RT::Action::NotifyGroupAsComment