Provided by: request-tracker5_5.0.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1_all bug


       rt-munge-attachments - Remove or replace strings in attachment records


           rt-munge-attachments --search="" --replace=""


       In RT, "attachments" contain all correspondence on tickets, not just file-based
       attachments. Although attachments are normally not modified by RT once created, this
       script provides a way to change or remove personalized data like email addresses that
       might be contained in the headers or bodies of RT attachment records. This allows admins
       to comply with GDPR regulations, but retain ticket histories with remaining non-personal

       A transaction is recorded when this script modifies content so there is a record that
       something was changed on the ticket. Details of the change are not recorded since the
       values would likely contain personal information which the script was run to remove.

       If modifying ticket history violates audit policies, admins should not use this script.


           Provide a string to search the header and content columns in the attachments table.
           If a match is found the content will be removed unless a replacement is provided.

           Provide a string to replace the value matched by the search.

           Limit attachments to the specified tickets. Note that if tickets or transactions are
           not specified, RT will pre-filter attachments by the search string use SQL, which
           might bypass attachments of which contents are encoded(like base64). Use this option
           to prevent the pre-filter behavior.

           Limit attachments to the specified transactions. If specified the default pre-
           filtering will be prevented. This option can work alongside the --tickets flag.

           By default headers are also munged, to disable munging of headers set the
           --skip-headers flag.

           By default transaction content is munged, to disable munging of content set the
           --skip-content flag.