Provided by: runc_1.1.2-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       runc-update - update running container resource constraints


       runc update [option ...] container-id

       runc update -r resources.json|-  container-id


       The update command change the resource constraints of a running container instance.

       The  resources can be set using options, or, if -r is used, parsed from JSON provided as a
       file or from stdin.

       In case -r is used, the JSON format is like this:

                   "memory": {
                        "limit": 0,
                             "reservation": 0,
                             "swap": 0,
                             "kernel": 0,
                             "kernelTCP": 0
                        "cpu": {
                             "shares": 0,
                             "quota": 0,
                             "period": 0,
                             "realtimeRuntime": 0,
                             "realtimePeriod": 0,
                             "cpus": "",
                             "mems": ""
                        "blockIO": {
                             "blkioWeight": 0


       --resources|-r resources.json
              Read the new resource limtis from resources.json. Use - to read from stdin. If this
              option is used, all other options are ignored.

       --blkio-weight weight
              Set a new io weight.

       --cpu-period num
              Set CPU CFS period to be used for hardcapping (in microseconds)

       --cpu-quota num
              Set CPU usage limit within a given period (in microseconds).

       --cpu-rt-period num
              Set CPU realtime period to be used for hardcapping (in microseconds).

       --cpu-rt-runtime num
              Set CPU realtime hardcap limit (in usecs). Allowed cpu time in a given period.

       --cpu-share num
              Set CPU shares (relative weight vs. other containers).

       --cpuset-cpus list
              Set CPU(s) to use. The list can contain commas and ranges. For example: 0-3,7.

       --cpuset-mems list
              Set memory node(s) to use. The list format is the same as for --cpuset-cpus.

       --memory num
              Set memory limit to num bytes.

       --memory-reservation num
              Set memory reservation, or soft limit, to num bytes.

       --memory-swap num
              Set  total  memory  +  swap usage to num bytes. Use -1 to unset the limit (i.e. use
              unlimited swap).

       --pids-limit num
              Set the maximum number of processes allowed in the container.

       --l3-cache-schema value
              Set the value for Intel RDT/CAT L3 cache schema.

       --mem-bw-schema value
              Set the Intel RDT/MBA memory bandwidth schema.