Provided by: spacenavd_1.1-1_amd64 bug


       spacenavd, spnavd_ctl - daemon for 3D-input-devices




       This manual page documents briefly the spacenavd commands.

       The  spacenav  project  provides  a  free,  compatible  alternative,  to  the  proprietary
       3Dconnexion device driver and SDK, for their 3D input devices (called  “space  navigator”,
       “space pilot”, “space traveller”, etc).

       spacenavd,  is  a  free software replacement user-space driver (daemon), for 3Dconnexion's
       space-something 6dof input devices. It's compatible with the original  3dxsrv  proprietary
       daemon  provided by 3Dconnexion, and works perfectly with any program that was written for
       the 3Dconnexion driver.

       Depending on how your system startup process is set up, it might  be  the  case  that  the
       spacenavd  daemon  starts  before  the X server (for instance if you don't use a graphical
       login). In that case the daemon will start properly, but won't connect  to  the  X  server
       until  explicitly  told to do so. You can do that by running spnavd_ctl x11 start as root,
       or by using the graphical spnavcfg program. You don't really want to have to do  that  all
       the  time  though,  so  it's a better idea to add the aforementioned spnavd_ctl command to
       either your ~/.xsession or ~/.xinitrd file, or the system-wide /etc/X11/Xsession file.

       The spacenavd daemon reads a number of options from the /etc/spnavrc file.  If  that  file
       doesn't  exist,  then  it  uses  default  values for everything. You may use the graphical
       spnavcfg program to interactively set any of these options.   The  daemon  should  respond
       immediately   to  your  changes,  and  also  the  configuration  file  should  be  updated


       spacenavd was written by John Tsiombikas (

       This manual page was assembled by M G Berberich <berberic@invalid>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).

                                         January 27, 2009                            SPACENAVD(8)