Provided by: createrepo-c_0.17.0-1build2_amd64 bug


       sqliterepo_c - Generate sqlite db files for a repository in rpm-md format


       sqliterepo_c [options] <repo_directory>


   -V --version
       Show program's version number and exit.

   -q --quiet
       Run quietly.

   -v --verbose
       Run verbosely.

   -f --force
       Overwrite existing DBs.

       Do not remove old DBs. Use only with combination with --force.

       Use xz for repodata compression.

   --compress-type <compress_type>
       Which compression type to use.

   --checksum <checksum_type>
       Which checksum type to use in repomd.xml for sqlite DBs.

       Gen  sqlite  DBs  locally  (into a directory for temporary files). Sometimes, sqlite has a
       trouble to gen DBs on a NFS mount, use this option in such cases. This option  could  lead
       to  a  higher  memory consumption if TMPDIR is set to /tmp or not set at all, because then
       the /tmp is used and /tmp dir is often a ramdisk.

                                            2017-02-23                            SQLITEREPO_C(8)