Provided by: rt-tests_2.4-1_amd64 bug


       ssdd - have a tracer do a bunch of PTRACE_SINGLESTEPs


       ssdd [-f|--forks NUM] [-h|--help] [-i|--iters NUM] [--json FILENAME]


       Have  a  tracer  do  a  bunch  of PTRACE_SINGLESTEPs against a tracee as fast as possible.
       Create several of these tracer/tracee pairs and see if they can be made to interfere  with
       each  other.  The tracer waits on each PTRACE_SINGLESTEP with a waitpid(2) and checks that
       waitpid's return values for correctness.


       -f, --forks=NUM
              number of tracer/tracee pairs to fork off.
              Default is 10.

       -h, --help
              Display usage

       -i, --iters=NUM
              number of PTRACE_SINGLESTEP iterations to do before  declaring  success,  for  each
              tracer tracee pair set up.
              Default is 10,000.

              Write final results into FILENAME, JSON formatted.


       ssdd was written by Joe Korty <>

       This manual page was written by John Kacur <>

                                        September 19, 2020                                SSDD(8)