Provided by: strongswan-swanctl_5.9.6-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       swanctl - strongSwan configuration, control and monitoring command line interface.


       swanctl command [option ...]

       swanctl -h | --help


       swanctl  is  a  cross-platform  command line utility to configure, control and monitor the
       strongSwan IKE daemon. It is a replacement for the aging starter, ipsec and stroke tools.

       swanctl uses a configuration file  called  swanctl.conf(5)  to  parse  configurations  and
       credentials.  Private  keys,  certificates and other PKI related credentials are read from
       specific directories.

       To communicate with the IKE daemon, swanctl uses the  VICI  protocol,  the  Versatile  IKE
       Configuration  Interface.  This  stable  interface  is  usable by other tools and is often
       preferable than scripting swanctl and parsing its output.


       -i, --initiate
              initiate a connection

       -t, --terminate
              terminate a connection

       -R, --rekey
              rekey an SA

       -d, --redirect
              redirect an IKE_SA

       -p, --install
              install a trap or shunt policy

       -u, --uninstall
              uninstall a trap or shunt policy

       -l, --list-sas
              list currently active IKE_SAs

       -P, --list-pols
              list currently installed policies

       -b, --load-authorities
              (re-)load certification authorities information

       -L, --list-conns
              list loaded configurations

       -B, --list-authorities
              list loaded certification authorities information

       -x, --list-certs
              list stored certificates

       -A, --list-pools
              list loaded pool configurations

       -g, --list-algs
              list loaded algorithms and their implementation

       -q, --load-all
              (re-)load credentials, pools, authorities and connections

       -c, --load-conns
              (re-)load connection configuration

       -s, --load-creds
              (re-)load credentials

       -a, --load-pools
              (re-)load pool configuration

       -T, --log
              trace logging output

       -S, --stats
              show daemon infos and statistics

       -f, --flush-certs
              flush cached certificates

       -r, --reload-settings
              reload strongswan.conf(5) configuration

       -v, --version
              show daemon version information

       -h, --help
              show usage information