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       acledit - Manage Torrus access control lists (ACLs).


       torrus acledit [options...]


       This command manages the Torrus access control lists. Each user is identified by user ID,
       and has a set of attributes. Currently supported attributes are "cn" (common name) and
       "userPasswordMD5" (MD5 digest of the user's password).

       Each user belongs to one or several groups. Each group has its own set of privileges. A
       privilege is identified by privilege name and object name. Currently only one privilege
       name is supported: "DisplayTree", and the object name is the name of the tree that this
       group is allowed to browse.

       User authorization in the web interface is controlled by the $Torrus::CGI::authorizeUsers
       variable in


           Creates a new group with the given name.

           Deletes the group with the given name.

           Modifies the given group.

           Grants privilege to group(s). Currently supported privileges are: "DisplayTree" for
           displaying a datasource tree, and "DisplayAdmInfo" for displaying the administrative
           information (all significant parameters for a given datasource leaf).

           Revokes group(s) privilege.

           Object for which privileges are granted or revoked. Currently it must be the name of
           the tree for which the "DisplayTree" and  "DisplayAdmInfo" privilegs are granted or
           revoked. The asterisk (*) instead of the object name assigns the privilege for all


           Creates a new user with the given user ID.

           Creates a new user for host-based authentication. HOST should be an IPv4 or IPv6
           address of the HTTP client. The new username is the address with all non-alphanumeric
           characters replaced with underscores.  Host password is changed by <--hostpassword>

           Deletes user with the given user ID.

           Modifies the user attributes for the given user ID.

           Adds user to the given group.

           Deletes user from the given group.

           Sets user's password.

           Sets the password for host-based authentication. The HTTP client should add "hostauth"
           parameter with the password as a value.

           Sets user's common name.

           Displays information for a given user.


           Exports ACL configuration to a given file.

           Uses the given template file when exporting. Default value is aclexport.xml.

           Imports ACL configuration from the given file.

           Deletes all user and privileges configuration.

           Lists all users and groups they belong to.

           Sets the log level to debug.

           Sets the log level to info.

           Displays a help message.


         torrus acledit --addgroup=staff --permit=DisplayTree \
           --for=main --for=thecustomer
         torrus acledit --adduser=jsmith --password=mysecretpassword \
           --cn="John Smith" --addtogroup=staff
         torrus acledit --addgroup=admin --permit=DisplayTree --for='*'

       This example creates a group staff and gives all its members the permission to browse the
       datasource trees main and thecustomer. The next command creates a user jsmith and addts it
       to this group. The user name will be displayed as John Smith, and it will be let in with
       the given password. The third command creates a group admin which is allowed o browse all
       existing trees.


           Torrus site configuration script.

           Default template for the exports of ACL configuration.




       See more documentation at Torrus home page:


       Stanislav Sinyagin <>