Provided by: torrus-common_3.00-1.1_all bug


       genddx - Generates SNMP discovery instructions file for devdiscover


       torrus genddx --host=HOSTNAME | --hostfile=HOSTFILENAME \ [options...]


       genddx generates the SNMP discovery instructions file, which may be later used as input
       for the devdiscover utility to produce the corresponding Torrus XML configuration file.
       The hostname(s) of router(s) to be included in SNMP discovery must be specified either
       using the --host (for a single router) or --hostfile option.  In the latter case the file
       HOSTFILENAME must contain a space-separated list of router hostnames. Hostnames may have
       the form "host:devname" where "devname" is a symbolic device name.

       This utility is designed to be used only once, in order to generate the discovery XML
       canvas, for further manual editing. It generates only basic set of parameters, and there
       are much more of those that you may use to customize the discovery process.

       See torrus_ttproclist(8) for a more flexible and complex DDX generator.

       More information is available in Torrus SNMP Discovery User Guide.


           Sets the output file to OUTFILENAME. Default is routers.ddx. Without absolute path,
           the file will be placed in /etc/torrus/discovery.

           Sets the discovery output file to FILENAME. This will be the filename of the Torrus
           XML configuration file once the output file of the genddx is processed by the
           devdiscover utility. Default value is routers.xml. Without absolute path, the file
           would be resided in /etc/torrus/xmlconfig.

           Sets the DNS domain name to DOMAIN.

           Sets discovery SNMP version to SNMPVERSION. Default value is "2c".

           Sets discovery SNMP read community value to string COMMUNITY. Default is "public".

           Sets SNMP port to PORT. Default is 161.

           Sets number of retries to NUMRETRIES. Default value is 2.

           Sets SNMP timeout to TIMEOUT seconds. Default value is 10.

           Sets the subtree name to SUBTREE. Default is "/Routers".

           Sets the path of the directory where SNMP data is collected to DATADIR.  Default value
           is /var/lib/torrus/collector_rrd.

           Enables Holt-Winters analysis.


           Default output file of genddx.

           Default Torrus XML configuration file which will be written once the genddx output
           file is processed with devdiscover utility.


       torrus(8), torrus_devdiscover(8), torrus_ttproclist(8)


       See more documentation at Torrus home page:


       Stanislav Sinyagin <>