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       nodeid - Torrus utility


       torrus nodeid --tree=TREENAME --cmd=CMD options...


       This command provides a way to integrate Torrus with external OSS systems.  It operates
       with nodeid, a unique identifier for Torrus datasource subtrees and leaves.

       The command prints the data on the standard output in JSON data format.


           [Mandatory] Defines the datasouerce tree.

           [Mandatory] Defines the action command. The following commands are supported:

           ·       info

                   Prints information about the nodeid. Requires --nodeid.

           ·       search

                   Performs a prefix or substring search on node IDs and prints the results.
                   Requires --prefix or --substring.

           ·       render

                   Renders a specified datasource node and prints the resulting MIME type and the
                   file name. Requires --nodeid and --view. Optional --out defines a file name to
                   copy the output to.

           Specifies the Node ID string for the commands info and render.

           Toggles verbose output for the commands info and search.

           Specifies the prefix search string for the command search.

           Specifies the search substring for the command search.

           Specifies the view name for the command render. The following views are defined by
           standard Torrus XML files and render a PNG graph: "short", "last24h-small", "last24h",
           "lastweek", "lastmonth", "lastyear". The following views are printing the datasource
           value in a text format: "rrd-print-daily", "rrd-print-last".

           If defined, instructs the utility to copy the rendered data into a specified file.
           Otherwise the file is created in the standard renderer's cache directory.

           Displays a help message.




       See more documentation at Torrus home page:


       Stanislav Sinyagin <>