Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.10-rc5+git20190411+3595f87-5_amd64 bug


       ttylinkd - TTYlink daemon for AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE and IP.


       ttylinkd [-hv] [-c callsign] [-f file]


       ttylinkd  is  a  simple  daemon that allows incoming ttylink calls to be routed through to
       Linux's normal talkd(8) system and provides a pipe between the two.

       ttylinkd is usually setup to be spawned from ax25d(8) or inetd(8) but can,  since  version
       0.03,  be used on the command line, although talk(1) is a much better idea for interactive

       Use splitscreen(1) for outgoing ttylink sessions.


       -v        Display the version.

       -h        Display some help and information on it.

       -c callsign
                 Disable callsign checking and use the given callsign for a name for this end  of
                 the link.

       -f file   Use    <file>   for   the   configuration   file,   instead   of   the   default


       /etc/ax25/ttylinkd.conf  the configuration file for ttylinkd


       talk(1), splitscreen(1), ttylinkd.conf(5), ax25d(8), inetd(8), talkd(8).


       There is still some need for some checking of who is still logged on.

       The daemon may hang if you disconnect from it strangely.

       There is no real way of working out what is going on with talkd.

       If you do not have a talk daemon going on the specified host then the program will tend to
       sit there and do nothing.


       Craig Small VK2XLZ <>