Provided by: dictionaries-common_1.28.16_all bug


       update-default-ispell - update default ispell dictionary


        update-default-ispell [--skip-symlinks] [--triggered]


       WARNING: Not to be used from the command line unless you know very well what you are

       This program is intended to be called from ispell dictionary package postinst, from
       select-default-ispell or from dictionaries-common postinst.

       When called under dpkg control with the --trigger option the script is run normally,
       otherwise the dictionaries-common update-default-ispell trigger is enabled for later run.

       With the --skip-symlinks option the symlinks setting is skipped.  This is needed for
       update-default-ispell when called from dictionaries-common postinst, since autobuilt
       hashes may not yet be available.

       When run normally (from the command line or with --trigger) this script rebuilds the info
       at /var/cache/dictionaries-common/ispell.db after files under
       /var/lib/dictionaries-common/ispell, reads the system default from the debconf database
       and unless disabled, set default symlinks in /etc/dictionaries-common pointing to the
       appropriate files in /usr/lib/ispell/.

       For ispell this script also updates the system-wide setting
       /etc/dictionaries-common/ispell-default and the emacsen, jed, and SquirrelMail support
       after known info.


        --skip-symlinks  Do not try to set symlinks at /etc/dictionaries-common dir.
        --triggered      Run all the code instead of trying to enable
                         update-default-ispell trigger


       The dictionaries-common policy document


       Rafael Laboissiere, Agustin Martin Domingo