Provided by: uucpsend_1.1-5_amd64 bug


       uucpsend - Alternative frontend for uucp batching


       uucpsend [ -c config ] [ -f appendix ] sitename [ sitename ... ]

       This  program offers a comfortable way to do news batching with the INN news system.  Like
       the name assumes it is used for sites that are connected via UUCP.  The  idea  behind  the
       mechanism is taken from the nntpsend program which is already included in distributions of

       The program does not do the batching itself.  Instead it lets commonly used tools  do  the
       work.   However  it  controls their behaviour.  Using uucpsend you can define detailed how
       batching for each site shall take place in an easy fashion.

       In the file uucpsend.ctl(5) for each site your server feeds you can specify  the  size  of
       batches,  the maximal disk space that may be used by the uucp site, the header that should
       be written in the batch (e.g. funbatch, cunbatch, gunbatch etc.), the compression  program
       to use as well as additional arguments passed to uux(8).

       The  sitename should be the name of the site as specified in the newsfeeds(5) file.  If no
       sitenames are passed to the program it will loop over all  sites  that  described  in  the
       configuration  file.   This makes it easy to maintain sets of sites that are to be batched
       one after the other - contrary to batching through the whole day.

       A batcher(8) is launched for  sites  with  queued  news.   Output  is  sent  to  the  file
       /var/log/news/uucpsend.log.  In order to keep from overwhelming the local system, uucpsend
       waits five seconds before the next site is fed.  Uucpsend expects that the batchfile for a
       site  is  named  /var/spool/news/out.going/sitename.   To  prevent  batchfile  corruption,
       shlock(1) is used to ``lock'' these files.

       It is useful to have cron(8) invoke uucpsend.

       When no sites are given on the command line, any flags given  on  the  command  completely
       describe  how  batcher  operate.   When  no  sites are given on the command line, then the
       information found in uucpsend.ctl becomes the default flags for that sites.


       -f config
              Using this parameter you are able to specify a file different to PATH_UUCPCTL which
              defaults to /etc/news/uucpsend.ctl.

       -f appendix
              With   the   parameter   ``-f''  you  may  specify  another  uucpsend.ctl(5)  file.
              Information  with  regard   to   also   given   sitenames   are   read   from   the
              uucpsend.ctl-file.  Please keep in mind that all default values are still read from
              the main uucpsend.ctl file.  This feature has been added to let  big  sites  easily
              specify a different batching behaviour.


       Written  by  Martin Schulze <>, derived mostly from nntpsend(8) by Landon
       Curt Noll <> and Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews.


       innxmit(1), newsfeeds(5), uucpsend.ctl(5), nntppsend(8), nntppsend.ctl(5), shrinkfile(1).