Provided by: samba-vfs-modules_4.16.4+dfsg-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       vfs_unityed_media - Allow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.


       vfs objects = unityed_media


       This VFS module is part of the samba(7) suite.

       Unityed Media is related with Media Harmony VFS, the main difference between Unityed Media
       and Media Harmony is that Unityed Media doesn't need manual refreshing of media
       directories. Unityed Media handles your media files in a similar way to the way Unity,
       ISIS, EditShare or another dedicated solution does. Without client-side application and on
       hardware of your choice.

       This module is stackable.


       If Mac and Windows Avid clients will be accessing the same folder, they should be given
       separate share definitions, with hidden Mac files vetoed on the Windows share. See


       unityed_media:clientid = user | hostname | ip
           Controls what client related identifier is appended to user specific paths:

                  •   user (default) - use the username.

                  •   hostname - use the hostname. Note this will not work with OS X clients as
                      these always send a generic string ("workstation") to the server..

                  •   ip - use the client's IP address. NOTE: this is untested and may not work
                      at all.


       Enable unityed_media for Mac and Windows clients:

                path = /avid
                vfs objects = unityed_media
                path = /avid
                vfs objects = unityed_media
                veto files = /.DS_Store/._@/.Trash@/.Spotlight@/.hidden/.hotfiles@/.vol/
                delete veto files = yes


       This man page is part of version 4.16.4-Ubuntu of the Samba suite.


       The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba
       is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux
       kernel is developed.