Provided by: vzctl_4.9.4-6build1_amd64 bug


       vztmpl-dl - download/list/update OpenVZ templates


       vztmpl-dl [ option ... ] template [template ...]
       vztmpl-dl [ option ... ] --update-all
       vztmpl-dl --list-local|--list-remote|--list-all|--list-orphans
       vztmpl-dl --config|--help


       The  main  purpose  of  this  utility is to download a precreated container tarballs (also
       known as templates) from the OpenVZ download server. It can  be  used  directly  from  the
       command line, and is also used by vzctl create.

       Usually  one  or more template names are required, except if one of --update-all, --list*,
       --config or --help is used.


              Check GPG signatures of downloaded files. By default, GPG  check  is  performed  if
              CHECK_TEMPLATE_SIG  is  set  to  yes  in /etc/vz/download.conf file, gpg(1) tool is
              installed, and the OpenVZ public key is available in the gpg keyring. See  EXAMPLES
              section below on how to install OpenVZ public key.

              Do not check GPG signatures.

              Keep  processing  templates  from  the  list  and  return 0 exit code, even if some
              template failed to download. Without  this  option,  vztmpl-dl  aborts  upon  first
              download failure.

              Update (re-download) existing templates.

              Do not try to update existing templates.

              Be less talkative (currently it only adds --quiet flag to wget(1) ).

              Be  more  talkative  (this  can  be  used  to  negate  the  effect  of QUIET=yes in

              Try to update all templates that are available locally. Note that there is no  need
              to  specify  individual  templates.  This  options  implicitly assumes --update and
              --ignore-errors options.

              Output list of templates available for  download.  This  option  is  also  used  by
              vzctl(8) bash-completion script to complete --ostemplate option arguments.

              Output list of templates available locally.

              Output combined list of templates.

              Output  list  of  local  templates not available remotely. In trivial scenario this
              will give the list of old templates that are no longer officially supported.

              Output current configuration. The tool has  built-in  configuration  which  can  be
              overwritten by options in /etc/vz/download.conf file.

       --help Output help.


       The  tool  has  a  built-in  configuration  defaults,  which  can  be  changed  by editing
       /etc/vz/download.conf file. The following parameters can be set:

              Default is yes.  Setting to no has the same effect as using --no-update option.

              Default is no.  Setting to yes has the same effect as using --gpg-check option.

       QUIET  Default is no.  Setting to yes has the same effect as using --quiet option.

              URL  repo  prefix.   Default   is
              Setting  this  to  location  of  your  closest  OpenVZ download mirror can speed up
              download.    Current    list    of    OpenVZ    mirrors     is     available     at

              List  of  URLs to get repositories from. Default is ${TMPL_REPO_PREFIX}.  More URLs
              can be added to get access to beta or unsupported templates.


       Returns 0 upon success, or an appropriate error code in case of an error:

       1      Download error

       2      Local template file already present, not updating

       3      Error in usage (no argument provided)

       4      wget binary not found

       5      GPG signature check failed


       To add OpenVZ public key to gpg keyring:
         gpg --search-keys

       To list all available templates:
         vztmpl-dl --list

       To download (or update) centos-6 templates:
         vztmpl-dl centos-6-x86 centos-6-x86_64

       To use mirror (in /etc/vz/download.conf):

       To enable beta templates (in /etc/vz/download.conf):




       arpsend(8),                                                              download.conf(5),


       Copyright (C) 2011-2013, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.