Provided by: vzctl_4.9.4-6build1_amd64 bug


       vzubc - show User Beancounters in a human-readable format


       vzubc [option ...] [CTID ...]


       This  utility aims to show current values for User Beancounter in a human-readable format.
       Values that are in pages are converted into bytes, then long  values  are  converted  into
       kilo-,  mega-  gigabytes  etc.  For held and maxheld, it shows how close the values are to
       the barrier and to the limit. Zero and unlimited values are shown as -.

       One or several CTIDs can be specified to limit the output to the  given  containers.  Each
       CTID  can be either a name or a numeric ID. Note that names can only be used if there is a
       container on the system with that name (vzlist -o ctid name command is used for name to ID
       conversion).  Unknown CTIDs are ignored.

       The  utility  can  also  be used from inside the container, in this case it only shows the
       values for that container (and it doesn't make sense to specify CTID argument).


       -w, --watch
              Watch mode: run itself under watch(1), redisplaying the output every 2 seconds  (by
              default) until interrupted by Ctrl-C.

       -wd    Make  watch(1)  highlight  the  differences  between  current  and previous output.
              Corresponds to watch -d option.

       -wt    Instruct watch(1) to not show its title (interval, command, and current time at the
              top  of  the display, as well as the following blank line). Corresponds to watch -t

       -wn time
              Refresh interval for watch(1), in seconds (corresponds to watch -n time).

       -q, --quiet
              Quiet mode. In this mode, vzubc only shows beancounters with fails and  those  with
              held/maxheld  values  close  to  limits.  -v, --verbose Verbose mode. In this mode,
              vzubc also shows beancounters with barrier set to unlimited (those  are  hidden  by

       -qh ratio
              Quiet threshold for held to limit ratio. Default is 0.5 (50%).

       -qm ratio
              Quiet threshold for maxheld to limit ratio. Default is 0.8 (80%).

       -r, --relative
              Relative  mode: for fail counters, instead of showing the absolute value, calculate
              the difference from the previous run. This mode is denoted by a + sign  before  the
              FAIL column header.

       -rd dir
              Set a directory for saving fail counters to dir (default is /tmp/

       -rc    Clear all saved fail counter data.

       -i, --incremental
              Incremental  mode.  Shows an additional column with a difference in held value from
              the previous run. This option also affects quiet mode: all lines with changed  held
              values are shown. Held data is saved to the same directory as fail counter data.

       -id dir
              A synonym for -rd.

       -ic    Clear all saved held data.

       -c, --color
              Enable  color  highlighting.  Not  compatible  with --watch. Same thresholds as for
              quiet mode are used to highlight "more important" lines, plus the lines  with  non-
              zero fail counters are highlighted.

       -f | --file filename
              Read  User Beancounters from filename. By default this is /proc/bc/resources or, if
              that one is not available, /proc/user_beancounters. Use -  to  read  from  standard


       vzubc 101 web dns
              Show all beancounters for CTID 101 and for CTs named web and dns.

       vzubc -w -wd -wn 10 101
              Display  beancounters  for  CT  101  every  10  seconds,  highlighting the changes.
              Interrupt with Control-C.

       vzubc -q -c
              Show beancounters with held or maxheld close to limits, plus  those  with  non-zero
              fail counters, with colors.

       vzubc -q -qh 0.8 -qm 1
              Show beancounters with held value equal to or more than 80% of a limit, and/or with
              maxheld value equal or more than a limit, plus those with non-zero fail counters.

       vzubc -w -q -r
              Display beancounters with held  and  maxheld  close  to  limits,  plus  those  with
              increasing fail counters.

       vzubc -r -q -qh 2 -qm 2
              Only show beancounters with increased (since the last run) fail counters.

       vzubc -rc -ic
              Show  all  beancounters, and clear all saved data for relative and incremental mode
              (i.e. saved values for fail counter and held).




       Returns 0 upon successful execution, 1 otherwise.


       watch(1), vzlist(8), vzmemcheck(8), vzcfgvalidate(8),


       Copyright (C) 2011, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.