Provided by: x2gobroker-authservice_0.0.4.3-2_all bug


       x2gobroker-authservice - PAM authentication service for X2Go Session Broker


       x2gobroker-authservice [ options ]


       x2gobroker-authservice  is  a  PAM authentication service for X2Go Session Broker. Whereas
       the X2Go Session Broker runs as a non-privileged user (standalone daemon mode) or  as  the
       also  non-privileged httpd server's system user (WSGI mode), an authentication against PAM
       requires root privileges in most cases (esp. for

       Thus, the PAM authentication has been moved into a  separate  service.  The  communication
       between  X2Go  Session  Broker  and  PAM  Authentication Service is handled through a unix
       domain socket file (<RUNDIR>/x2gobroker/x2gobroker-authservice.socket).

       This command is normally started through the host's init system.


       x2gobroker-authservice accepts the following common options:

       -h, --help
              Display a help with all available command line options and exit.

       -D, --daemonize
              Fork this application to background and detach from the running terminal.

       -P, --pidfile
              Custom PID file location when daemonizing (default: <RUNDIR>/x2gobroker/x2gobroker-

       -L, --logdir
              Directory  where stdout/stderr will be redirected after having daemonized (default:

       -s <AUTHSOCKET>, --socket <AUTHSOCKET>
              File name of the unix domain socket file used for communication between broker  and
              authentication service.

       -o <OWNER>, --owner <OWNER>
              User ownership of the <AUTHSOCKET> file.

       -g <GROUP>, --group <GROUP>
              Group ownership of the <AUTHSOCKET> file.

       -p <PERMISSIONS>, --permissions <PERMISSIONS>
              Set  these  file  permissions  for the <AUTHSOCKET> file. Use numerical permissions
              (e.g. 0640).




       This manual has been written for the  X2Go  project  by  Mike  Gabriel  <mike.gabriel@das->.