Provided by: x2gobroker_0.0.4.3-2_all bug


       x2gobroker-testagent - Session Broker for X2Go (Agent Test Utility)


       x2gobroker-testagent [ options ]


       x2gobroker-testagent  is  a test utility for local/remote X2Go Session Broker Agents.  The
       x2gobroker-testagent has to run as super-user root.

       The x2gobroker-testagent tool is normally run on the machine that acts as the X2Go Session

       The  x2gobroker-testagent tries to connect to a local or remote X2Go Session Broker Agent.
       X2Go Broker Agents are co-installed on  X2Go  Server  hosts  and  support  the  broker  in
       controlling that X2Go Server.

       The x2gobroker-testagent executes a test task on the broker agent.  The broker agent tries
       to switch to the given user's context and runs the given task on behalf of that user.


       x2gobroker-testagent provides help on command line options:

       -h, --help
              Display a help with all available command line options and exit.


       You can either list the broker agent's tasks that are available for testing:

              Render a list of available broker agent tasks. This list shows what can be  tested.
              The capabilities of the remote agent and the broker server's test code are compared
              and displayed.

       Or run a given task on behalf of an X2Go user on a local or remote broker agent:

       -u, --user, --username
              Instruct the broker agent to switch to this user's context when running  the  given
              task on the local/remote host.

       -t TASK, --task TASK
              The task that shall be test-executed on the remote broker agent.


       The  default  mode  for  calling  the X2Go Session Broker Agent is "LOCAL". Alternatively,
       remote broker agents can be called via mode "SSH". For  this,  you  additionally  need  to
       specify the below options:

       -H HOSTNAME, --host HOSTNAME
              Hostname to connect to via SSH for running remote broker agent test commands.

       -p PORT, --port PORT
              The TCP/IP port that the remote system's SSH daemon listens on (default: 22).


       For some tasks, you have to provide additional parameters.

       -A, --add-to-known-hosts
              When  connecting  to  a remote broker agent via SSH, add the broker agent machine's
              SSH    host    key     to     the     list     of     known     hosts     (normally

              This  has to be done once per broker agent machine, that the X2Go Session Broker is
              supposed to connect to.

       --session-id SESSION_ID
              When testing the 'suspendsession' or  the  'terminatesession'  task,  you  have  to
              additionally give a session ID to test those tasks on.

       --pubkey PUBKEY_AS_STRING
              Use  your  own  provided  SSH  public  key  when  testing  the 'addauthkey' and the
              'delauthkey' tasks.


       x2gobroker-testagent also accepts the following miscellaneous options:

       -d, --debug
              Enable debugging code.

       -C, --config FILENAME
              Specify    an    alternative    configuration    file     name,     default     is:


       /etc/x2go/x2gobroker.conf, /etc/x2go/broker/* (configuration files)

       /etc/x2go/broker/defaults.conf (environment for X2Go Session Broker)

       /var/log/x2gobroker/* (log files of X2Go Session Broker)




       This  manual  has  been  written  for  the X2Go project by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das->.