Provided by: x2goserver_4.1.0.3-5_amd64 bug


       x2goresume-session - Resume X2Go Session


       x2goresume-session  <session_id>  \
                           <geometry>  \
                           <link_quality>  \
                           <nx_pack_meth>  \
                           <kblayout>  \
                           <kbtype>  \
                           <setkbd>  \


       x2goresume-session resumes the suspended session with session ID <session_id>.

       This command is normally issued by an X2Go client application with X2Go user privileges.


              The session ID (or session name) of the suspend session that is to be resumed.

              Session window size on screen (allowed values: <width>x<height> or fullscreen).

              Any value out of: modem, isdn, adsl, wan or lan.

              NX compression method (see below for possible values).

              Cache type and color depth for X2Go session window. The most common value is: unix-
              kde-depth_24 where ,,24'' is the color depth in bit.

              Keyboard layout (e.g. us, de, etc.).

              Keyboard type/model (e.g. pc105/us).

              Force setting keyboard layout and type within the X2Go session on startup. Values:
              0 or 1.

              The session's clipboard mode. Possible values: both, server, client, none. Allows
              one to configure clipboard security per session via the connecting X2Go client. If
              the clipboard parameter is set server-side in /etc/x2go/x2goagent.options, then
              that value will override client-side settings.


       x2goresume-session reports to stderr if resuming of session <session_id> failed. This very
       probably means that the session's X agent has died, so the session <session_id> will be
       marked as finished in the X2Go session database.

       If everything works out well, a list of session attributes is returned after successful
       session resumption.  Session attributes will be presented on a line-by-line basis:

           field 01: <graphics_port>
           field 02: <sound_port>
           field 03: <sshfs_port>
           field 04: <tekictrl_port> (if Telekinesis is available/enabled)
           field 04: <tekidata_port> (if Telekinesis is available/enabled)

       As exitcode x2goresume-session always returns 0.


       x2gostartagent(8), x2goruncommand(8), x2gosuspend-session(8), x2goterminate-session(8)


       This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <> for the
       X2Go project (