Provided by: dahdi_3.1.0-2_amd64 bug


       xpp_sync - Handle sync selection of Xorcom Astribanks.


       xpp_sync <auto|dahdi|nn>

       xpp_sync [-v]


       On a normal operation one Astribank device provides timing for all the other Astribank

       When run without parameters, xpp_sync will display a list of Astribanks (xbuses) that are
       connected and registered as Dahdi spans. The current xpp sync master will be marked.

       If you this an Astribank is connected and yet it does not appear on the output of
       xpp_sync, it may be unregistered. Try running dahdi_registration .

           Automatically selects the best Astribank for syncing.

           Gets synchronization from the Dahdi sync master.

       nn  Sets XBUS-nn as sync source.

       -v  Also print the numeric xpp sync rank.

       (Parameter name is case-insensitive)

   Example output:
               Setting SYNC
               Current sync: 01
               Best Available Syncers:
                + XBUS-01 (usb-0000:00:10.4-3) [usb:12345678]       [ PRI_TE PRI_NT PRI_TE PRI_NT ]
                  XBUS-00 (usb-0000:00:10.4-2) [usb:QA-01]          [ FXS FXO ]
               WARNING: FXO which is not the syncer cause bad PCM
                        Affected Astribanks are:

       In this example we see that the recommended xpp sync master is XBUS-02 - it is the first
       on the list. It is also the actual syncer, as we can see from the '+' beside it.

       xpp_sync is normally called from the dahdi init.d script.  The parameter it is called with
       defaults to auto, but it is possible to override that parameter (e.g: set it to dahdi)
       through the value of XPP_SYNC in /etc/dahdi/init.conf .


           xpp_sync is essentially a nicer interface to
           "/sys/bus/astribanks/drivers/xppdrv/sync". That file shows the current xpp sync

           Writing to it, force XPP drivers to use a different sync master


       dahdi_registration(1), dahdi_cfg(1), README.Astribank