Provided by: zabbix-agent_6.0.8+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       zabbix_agentd - Zabbix agent daemon


       zabbix_agentd [-c config-file]
       zabbix_agentd [-c config-file] -p
       zabbix_agentd [-c config-file] -t item-key
       zabbix_agentd [-c config-file] -R runtime-option
       zabbix_agentd -h
       zabbix_agentd -V


       zabbix_agentd is a daemon for monitoring various server parameters.


       -c, --config config-file
              Use the alternate config-file instead of the default one.

       -f, --foreground
              Run Zabbix agent in foreground.

       -R, --runtime-control runtime-option
              Perform administrative functions according to runtime-option.

           Runtime control options
                   Reload user parameters from the configuration file

                   Increase log level, affects all processes if target is not specified

                   Decrease log level, affects all processes if target is not specified

           Log level control targets
                   All processes of specified type (active checks, collector, listener)

                   Process type and number (e.g., listener,3)

               pid Process  identifier,  up  to  65535.  For  larger  values  specify  target  as

       -p, --print
              Print known items and exit.  For each item either generic  defaults  are  used,  or
              specific  defaults  for  testing are supplied.  These defaults are listed in square
              brackets as item key parameters.  Returned values are enclosed in  square  brackets
              and  prefixed  with  the type of the returned value, separated by a pipe character.
              For user parameters type is always t, as the agent can not determine  all  possible
              return  values.   Items,  displayed as working, are not guaranteed to work from the
              Zabbix server or zabbix_get when querying a running agent daemon as permissions  or
              environment may be different.  Returned value types are:

           d   Number with a decimal part.

           m   Not  supported.   This  could be caused by querying an item that only works in the
               active mode like a log monitoring item or an item that requires multiple collected
               values.   Permission  issues or incorrect user parameters could also result in the
               not supported state.

           s   Text.  Maximum length not limited.

           t   Text.  Same as s.

           u   Unsigned integer.

       -t, --test item-key
              Test single item and exit.  See --print for output description.

       -h, --help
              Display this help and exit.

       -V, --version
              Output version information and exit.


              Default location of Zabbix agent configuration file (if not modified during compile


       Documentation ⟨⟩

       zabbix_get(1),    zabbix_proxy(8),   zabbix_sender(1),   zabbix_server(8),   zabbix_js(1),
       zabbix_agent2(8), zabbix_web_service(8)