Provided by: zfsutils-linux_2.1.5-1ubuntu6_amd64 bug


     zfs-project — manage projects in ZFS filesystem


     zfs project [-d|-r] file|directoryzfs project -C [-kr] file|directoryzfs project -c [-0] [-d|-r] [-p id] file|directoryzfs project [-p id] [-rs] file|directory


     zfs project [-d|-r] file|directory…
       List project identifier (ID) and inherit flag of files and directories.

       -d  Show the directory project ID and inherit flag, not its children.

       -r  List subdirectories recursively.

     zfs project -C [-kr] file|directory…
       Clear project inherit flag and/or ID on the files and directories.

       -k  Keep the project ID unchanged.  If not specified, the project ID will be reset to

       -r  Clear subdirectories' flags recursively.

     zfs project -c [-0] [-d|-r] [-p id] file|directory…
       Check project ID and inherit flag on the files and directories: report entries without the
       project inherit flag, or with project IDs different from the target directory's project ID
       or the one specified with -p.

       -0     Delimit filenames with a NUL byte instead of newline.

       -d     Check the directory project ID and inherit flag, not its children.

       -p id  Compare to id instead of the target files and directories' project IDs.

       -r     Check subdirectories recursively.

     zfs project -p id [-rs] file|directory…
       Set project ID and/or inherit flag on the files and directories.

       -p id  Set the project ID to the given value.

       -r     Set on subdirectories recursively.

       -s     Set project inherit flag on the given files and directories.  This is usually used
              for setting up tree quotas with -r.  In that case, the directory's project ID will
              be set for all its descendants, unless specified explicitly with -p.